New name, sharper profile

Icon: New positioning of Aareal Bank’s Banking & Digital Solutions business segment.

One of the central elements of our “Aareal Next Level” strategy programme includes stronger positioning of our offerings and companies, which we had previously performed in the Consulting/Services business segment.

We therefore developed the profile of the business segment – systematically and in a targeted manner – during 2021. Throughout the year, many clients were surveyed, competitors analysed and several workshops held with experts.

Combining two worlds

The outcome of these talks and analyses was that our tremendous strength in this business segment is the combination of banking know-how and digital expertise. We offer our clients extensive payment transaction services, at the same time providing them with high-performance digital solutions.
In the last financial year, we therefore agreed to further emphasise this competence and to also communicate this in the segment’s name. Since February 2021, the business segment has therefore been called

Banking & Digital Solutions

Download the graphic as a PDF here.

Description and vision at the same time

With the new name, we not only want to highlight our competence and service portfolio to our clients, but also want to make our commitment clear: as a digitalisation partner, we offer our clients from the housing, property and energy industries comprehensive consultingservices and product solutions, pooling these with traditional corporate banking and the deposit-taking business.

We are convinced that in particular the unique combination of industry expertise, banking competence and digital expertise is the basis for the successful further development of our clients. After all, this offer of digital solutions covering all areas of financial products defines our Banking & Digital Solutions segment. Our solutions are linked with Aareon’s portfolio of solutions, so that we at Aareal Bank Group can offer our clients the best solutions and contribute to their success.

Market presence intensified further

The new positioning of our Banking & Digital Solutions business segment is an important milestone for us in implementing the “Aareal Next Level” strategy. However, this is only the first step: We also want to sharpen the profiles of our subsidiaries and investments in this segment in the coming years. In so doing, we want to raise the awareness of the services they provide, creating more transparency and supporting the planned expansion of our various product ranges at the same time.

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